Customer Services

All Sisplastco products have 50 years of warranty from the time of production, as defined in Standard Condition 14427.2.

Product Return Conditions
1. Mismatch between purchased product and its description on website
Mismatch between the product specifications and the goods received/ordered; between the received product and specifications on the website; or wrong order listed in the customer’s profile cart.
In the case of technical discrepancy, it is possible to replace or return the goods if the company is notified within 3 working days after receipt of the goods if they are still in their original condition and unused.
For coordination with Sisplastco customer services, please call 04142439431 or send an email to the company’s address.
Note: Shipping costs are borne by Sisplastco if the existence of technical flaw or discrepancy is confirmed. If the error was on the part of the buyer, however, he/she shall borne the expense.

2. Physical damage caused by transportation
The responsible for any incidents during shipping and delivery lies with the carrier and the buyer.

3. Cancellation of Order
If the order is canceled prior to shipping, the customer must notify the [company/store name] sales unit ASAP. In this case, it is possible to refund the order expense or change the order.
If the customer changes his/her mind after receiving the goods, he/she must notify the customer services unit within a maximum of [number] business days. If the goods are in their original condition and not used, it is possible to return or change them. The shipping cost shall be borne by the customer.

Payment Method

1. Direct Deposit
In case an electronic payment is not possible, customers can personally visit a bank and deposit the sum into one of the following accounts, and then fax the receipt to 041-42439235.

2. Online Payment
Sisplastco customers can pay the expense online after placing an order, through online payment gateways on our website or through their personal bank applications.


1. Freight
For the comfort of our dear customers, bulk shipping are possible via freight. The freight cost shall be borne by the buyer and the fare will be calculated based on standard freight tariffs.

2. EXW
All orders will be delivered to the customer at company premise after the final order and purchase process, and the company has no responsibility for shipping and shipping costs.